We sell and service quality electric bikes at our fully stocked shops in Boise, Idaho and Reno, Nevada


changing lives one bike at a time

Whether getting folks out of cars, eliminating fitness disparity, or simply removing barriers to cycling, we are here to help the people in our communities find the right ebike - And we are here to support those bikes with a full service shop and thoughtful, well trained technicians


Comfort & Town e-bikes

Are you are looking for a comfortable and fully equipped e-bike for your town errands? Our comfortable around town e-bikes are the perfect way for you to get out for a leisurely ride to the farmers market and not suffer on the way up the hill home with a full load.


Mountain e-bikes


eMTB's are here to stay, and they are better than ever.  All our models feature in-tube batteries, top of line components, and super high stoke factor.


Cargo e-bikes

Whether transporting kids to school or picking up a load of groceries, cargo bikes are the ultimate car replacement. With an e-cargo bike, hauling whatever it is that you need to haul becomes a joy, especially if you need to go up hill. 


Speed e-bikes

Get there fast without breaking a sweat. For the serious e-commuter, a little extra speed makes a big difference.  Shorter transit time, safer riding in traffic, and the pure joy of the wind in your hair. We've got the good stuff.